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JewTube recommendations (Any theme)

The truly good content on Jewtube is all geoblocked or removed.

I use Jewtube for listening to music that is not written, composed, sung or produced by a kike or nigger. They're usually pre-1980s and uploaded by boomers, with a couple thousand views at most and little information on Jewgle except in boomer music forums

"Wine of Summer" - /watch?v=MzBHz8UnQjA

-sung by Brian Rayner Cook (non-kike Anglo)
-libretto by Lord Alfred Douglas (purebred Scotsman)
-symphony composed by Harvergal Brian (non-kike Anglo); performed by the New Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Stanley Pope (Scotsman)
-Recorded live on 29 September 1976 by BBC Radio 3 (not-yet-kiked British state media) of an invitation-only concert at the Alexandra Palace

For comparison and countersemitic research purposes, here's a fully-kiked up piece of Jew media music LARPing as Aryan:

"Tomorrow belongs to me" from the (((Oscar-winning film))) Cabaret (1972)

-sung by a 15yo goy(?) Mark Robert Luebke (stagename: Mark Lambert), who is not the blond face of the scene, that would be one 18yo goy named Oliver Collignon
-composed by two kikes, John Kander, who was also a faggot, and Fred Ebb. Cue Wikipedia: "[it] is an avowedly anti-fascist work, and the nationalist character of the song serves as a warning to the musical's characters of the rise of Nazism. Nonetheless, 'Tomorrow Belongs to Me' has been adopted by right-wing, neo-Nazi, and alt-right groups as an anthem."

yet the goy cattle fall for this shitty fake jewish LARP because of constant judeo-semitic shilling and manufactured controversy:
By the late 1970s, "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" had become an unofficial anthem of the Federation of Conservative Students, a student wing of the British Conservative Party.[5] Alan Clark, a Conservative politician who flirted with the idea of joining the far-right National Front, recalls in his diaries watching the "uplifting" song in a TV airing of the film.[6] When the satirical comedy show Spitting Image looked for a fascist-themed song to satirize the Conservative Party victory in the 1987 United Kingdom general election, they used "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" (with a similar staging of the puppet audience in a beer garden, but the live singing boy wearing a suit, with a bowler hat and umbrella in his arms,and cut through with sarcastic bits of film showing depredation and devastation, with the final lines delivered by the Thatcher puppet. Before the final chorus, the puppets of Neil Kinnock and Roy Hattersley appear, with the latter asking "Still think you can control them, Neil?")[7]

The song has also been covered by white supremacist bands. The first such cover was in 1979 by Skrewdriver, a British band whose performances have been described as being like Nazi rallies. Skrewdriver's lead singer Ian Stuart Donaldson also covered it with his other bands The Klansmen and Ian Stuart and Stigger. Stuart was well-known to the German neo-Nazi scene and it is likely he introduced the song to a German neo-Nazi audience. After Stuart's death, German Rechtsrock bands including Endstufe, Radikahl and Wolfsrudel have recorded versions, Endstufe's being dedicated to Stuart.[2] So have the American duo Prussian Blue and the Swedish singer Saga. Saga's version was cited by Anders Behring Breivik as being among the musical inspirations for his terrorist attacks.[8] "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" could also be frequently heard at rallies for Jörg Haider, the Austrian right-wing nationalist politician.[9] The U.S. alt-right activist Richard B. Spencer appeared to embrace the song as a neo-Nazi anthem: Kander's nephew responded by noting the song was written by a Jew in a same-sex marriage.[10]

In Italy the song was translated as "Il domani appartiene a noi" in 1977 by La compagnia dell'anello, a right wing band, and was soon adopted as un-official hymn by Fronte della gioventù, the youth movement of political party M.S.I.

Dominic Lewis composed a cover of the song for the second season of the television adaptation of The Man in the High Castle, intended to fit the unsettling, dystopian atmosphere of the series.[11]
Is this video true?

100% and it gets far worse. Bad enough it made me want to rope for a while because the average person would rather watch Disney than stop the heinous shit the ultra rich do behind closed doors. I’d recommend not going down that rabbit hole if you value your innocence.
I also like to watch videos about reverse engineering games.

Honestly fuck jewtube, it has the monopoly on entertainment, so much that they can nonchalantly enforce heavy censorship ad push woke bullshit to the guillible masses' throats.
If creators were smart enough they would start creating content elsewhere without the pathetic surveilance and mediatic control these kike imbeciles have, sadly, they love to be raped in the ass by them for a couple of shekels while enriching these monsters!!!
Sadly, there's no other platform where music is uploaded, while I know there are platforms but they only upload mainstream bullshit and they won't guarantee you the freedom to choose what you are going to consume. at least for these moments, we have that in Jewtube, later on we can't even rejoice that.
ShortFatOtaku-classical liberal, center left-leaning. I definitely disagree with certain things he says, but he's pretty smart.
MentisWave-"Rationalist and Right-Libertarian leaning ( Yes, I like Hoppe ) channel dedicated to exposing the nonsense of Clown World. Also memes. " That's the about section of this guys channel. I find right-leaning libertarians to be one of the smartest groups out there. He makes a lot of videos dunking on breadtubers and marxists.
The Rageaholic(also known as Razorfist)-One of the more intelligent conservative youtubers out there.
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