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Incels are hypocritical

Like they hate foid for their lookism, while they have no problem ofbeing a lookist themselves. I mean you can't have both views at once without being a hypocrite yourself.
yes this is true. I don't hate women for their lookism. But I hate this stupid life for making me unattractive (some are born sub 5 while some people are born with 10/10 looks). There is no fairness in this life.
99.9% of so-called incels actually only want sex under specific conditions, i.e. from a woman who genuinely likes/is attracted to them or with whom there's mutual attraction, and not from a golddigger or a prostitute who's paid for services rendered. So what incels want is better described as "sexual validation from women" rather than sex alone, which makes them no different than any other lonely, heterosexual male throughout history.
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And I think you're white knighting for an infiltrator. This site is already like reddit from over moderation to allowing shills.
>over moderation
Are you retard? There are only 2 mods, and the only one user that got banned was some 15 year old faggot
If every post and comment needs to be personally approved then yes, it's over moderated and will turn into a brain dead circle jerk like Reddit.
Its to prevent spam or malicious posts, and its just for a bit.