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Caged i need videos of incels entering foid only spaces


defrenned circumcucked retributionist
i need ones where a guy that is preferably incel walks into foid spaces and masturbates or sharks them. anything where an incel gets his fantasies fulfilled is what im looking for.
We can't do anything without getting noticed these days, that's what the modern feminist excels at. They all have the eyes of a hawk. We have become trapped in the last spaces of the internet that permit free speech.
i saw a video of a curry jacking off on a foid train and they were all screaming. i wish curries invaded burgerland from globohomo and did that every where
The closest i have to what you want is this

He borders on being a volcel for being low inhib enough to pull something like this off successfully but the foid's disgusted facial expressions before he even starts reciting pig speak brings him back to incel status
Basically just Smooth Sanchez and St. Hamudi. Honestly we need more low inhib incel chuds willing to walk around and just autistically ramble about the blackpill to random people. :chud: