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I had a fakecel moment last night

Before you call me chad just listen to my story.

I was on another doomer night walk wearing my black beanie and dark shades.

I was walking the mostly empty and desolate streets until I walked towards a passing zoomerfag friend group walking towards me.

One of the girls (Id say 16) walked towards me and asked for a fistpump while extending her hand towards me.

I said "what", and she asked again the same thing, to which I said "why", to which she just said she wanted a fist pump.

I said "sure" and touched her hand with my own.

It was a weak and soy fist pump but at least I didnt sperg out and try hard.

I felt like a chad as I walked away, thinking about what chad and normies experience on an average day if this mere interaction made me feel good and human.