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I fap to cope with depression


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Last night I hoped over the fence onto my old schools football field, climbed the benches up to the top row(like 25 flights, sat atop the highest bench and beat my meat. I had a good view over part of my city from up there. Was a bit spooked I’d be caught and had my phone brightness as low as I could while keeping my screen visible.
Overall an enjoyable fap. I intend to find new locations for it, I think I’m starting to become an exhibitionist.
I don't have energy to fap anymore, if I start to watch some porn and fap I get bored pretty quickly. I think that when you are young, its normal to you fap non-stopped, especially if you don't have a gf, but when you start to get older it's seen that fapping started to became something boring.
Terrible addiction there was a day were I fapped like 16 times in an timespan of about 12 hours. If I fap once I fap twice it is an endless cycle, screw that shit! First thing I would do is turn off my sex drive if I could do so, but sadly it is no possible while being incarnated here.