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I am really upset about this crap


Jun 12, 2023
Squid game the challenge series 2 is now casting for new players since 6 dec, and I knew about it instantly, I even dreamed about playing squid games a few nights before.

The show takes place in london, or england at least, which is right on my doorstep.

I dismissed the idea of applying because nothing good happens in my life and the chances of getting selected were low, but there was a chance at least.

These games are designed so anyone can play, and all walks of life play, including incels believe it or not

So I got to apply and:

Screenshot 2023 12 08 025639

I dont turn 21 until july 25th next year, so instantly my chances are shot.

I am not deluded into believing I could win the £4.56 million reward, but there was a godamn chance, but more importantly, I could have the honour of playing this games, which would be an amazing and interesting experience, and the chance of great reward.

But no, worthless incel likes me doesn't even get a chance, because I was born too fucking early something I have ZERO control over, like my shit genetics.

I was filled with hope, I envisioned myself in the scenario, only for it to be snuffed out in an instant.

As I write this I still strongly fantasise about playing and filled with phantom hope, but its over, it never fucking began

The normies who played in series 1 didn't take it seriously, hardly prepared, and acted like whiney, ungrateful cunts, complaining about muh cold and poor food.

I DESERVE to have a chance more than those dicks.

Well there goes another dream
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