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How weebhunter radicalised me

Me nan had cancer, in late 2022, so I had to give up my addiction of playing video games in order to start a full time job, so I had money to pay for her health care.

I had no more time for gaming, and my girlfriend broke up with me, and my friends stopped talking to me.

Shitposting, that was my new past time and I spend hours a day, every week doing it; that was my escape.

So, one night, I am in a team soyjak duel, and one night, I get a random message in PMs, and said I did an awesome job in the soyjak raid, or something.

I could tell he was older, great wojak champion.

Posted on forums, like me.

He finds me on Insta, and I felt like I could, trust him.

So I told him about my mum and her medical history, and he took an interest, like.

Then one day out of the blue, he says ''If Hitler won the war, things would be different''

He then sent me links to podcosts, videos, and stuff like that; it looked legit.

Fastfoward 2 weeks

I changed.

I shaved my head.

Got tattoos.

Me mums worried, and I hang out in gangs, and getting in fights.

''We must prepare for the war'' they said, ''brotherhood''

Then one day, my teacher caught me on my phone, posting on r/donald.

Hatespeech they said.

Thats when social services, the police, and prevent got involved.

I thought I would go to jail, it was close.

I went to court, and got a caution, but fortunately, my social worker got me through this hate.

If you hear anything offensive, REPORT IT
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