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how to hermitmaxx


din tid kommer til å bli neste stjerne
my sister and my mom just left the apartment and are gonna go to a supermarket and gonna accompany my dad from his job in the way back
as they always fvcking do when they arrive they are gonna watch me not working like a congolese slave in a diamond mine, and tell me what did i do of benefit during the day, and grovnd me because they do not know what talking to a point is, the reason i hate going outside is because 1 i am an vgly bitch 2 my family are always the nigger behaving people on pvblic spaces where everyone behaves normally and they call me a pvssy because i get embarassed because of them 3 i dont have that STREET SPARK they tell me everyone in my family has (because theyre all niggers) so i act like a faggot irl.
how can i be peacefvlly inside my room without having to worry about having to go do some dvmbass niggershit ovtside i transheart being an hermit