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How do women often attractive to wicked attractive guys?(not serial killers, just your everyday attractive guy)

I understand the logic behind women wanting to make compromises for am anti social attractive guy(the like the guy and because they like the guy, they would assume that he is a good person). I have one question. Have you guys seen something like that in real life?
you sound like a fucking indian. Make coherent sentences next time
lots of women have hybristophilia or scelerophilia. Women also have very poor observation skills, so they don't notice when the man is obviously a Machiavellian, sociopath, et cetera. I'm honestly not sure as to why women never notice such obvious warning signs. Women's irrational and illogical nature is the only reason that I can come up with. The "Psychopaths are very hard to spot" or "He was a master manipulator" is a cope so that women don't have to accept the fact that they're retards.