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Hookup Culture

Jun 29, 2023
What do I have to say about Hookup culture? Well, for one it has destroyed dating. People used to date because they were looking for someone to settle down with, perhaps start a family and live the rest of their life with. They had a good time. Now people only date for one night stands and the need to smash and dash when they meet another person and the cycle repeats itself. Another thing I despise about Hookup culture is, well everything. I can't narrow it down to one thing because the whole culture is one giant cluster fuck. It's very rare for anyone to date for true love now. And what are the main cusses of hook up culture? Modern toxic feminism. It has taught young women that they are sexual goddess, that they should act like sluts and sleep with as many men as they can, but the fact is, it just makes them appear as objects, the very thing they were trying to avoid. They don't want to become pregnant and some have called FUCKING BABIES "Parasites" That is beyond disgusting. And then when those same women reach their 30's and 40's their fertility starts declining and they decide they suddenly want to have children. At that point, men in their 20's aren't attracted to them anymore. They did it to themselves.
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