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Honkler x Haruhi

Honkler - ''Yeah OK, we will meet at 1pm at that cafe you so like'', I wrote to Haruhi on Discord, under a different alias so he didn't know it was me, Honkler.

I sent the message while sharping my blade and throwing darts at my poster of Haruhi on my wall, while stabbing a Will.e Coyote voodoo doll.

Haruhi - ''Uwu, I can't wait ayooooo :haruhi: ''

Honkler- ''Ha ha, yes, I am looking most forward to it, I can't wait to have you for dinner ''

Haruhi - ''Me too, I've been looking forward to it for weeks now :haruhi: ''

We finally meet up at a rundown, grotty cafe in the slums of Italy.

Haruhi was dressed like a faggot and had a slight tan, which made his skin look like a puddle of mud, while I was decked out in Armani and Hugo Boss.

Haruhi - ''Eww, have I seen you before, you look awfully familiar, ack!''

Before this transvestite bum neet could say anymore, I took my blade and shoved it up his nose, twisting it until the bone came loose.

To my amazement, Haruhi seemed to enjoy it, as I saw her kneel down slightly and put his hands by his crotch, as white liquid started to shoot out; there was a damp patch by his crotch, as he said ''ohh, IGiveUp, oh yeah''

I didn't want to please this fucker, so I took my nail gun and shot her between the eyes, and then ripped his intestine out and tied it around his neck, so it looked like a suicide :ack:

A few days later, the police asked me about the disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, but I showed them the picture of Haruhi hanging from a tree from his intestine.

The police said ''damn, another troon roped, thats the 7307072302 this week''

Honkler - ''yeah that sucks'' I said as I was defrosting Haruhi's head from the freezer, just as the po po were leaving

Honkler - ''I am glad I could have you for dinner hehe''