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has anyone heard of her?

she keeps triggering all the feminists by making tweets like this:

Pearl is a female pandering knob. Just another chameleon chanting what the manosphere has said for 2 decades while she chases an internet career and clout instead of actually being a feminine women supporting a man.

Honestly she's probably a tranny too. Linebacker shoulders, deep voice, very masculine. Just another shill panderer after patreon subs.
She literally copies Andrew Tate and all these redpill guys just for attention, the ITV yt channel did a whole video on this foid

All these dumb cunts taking up men's talking points for $$$$ while they chase their careers, just another flavor of feminism. My last article was actually about this, tired of listening to these retards regurgitate 20 year old talking points.

[Fake Red Pill Gurus]

Patreon subs. This a career for these cunts. I've been writing about this shit for 15 years and I've made like 100 bucks in that 15 years. If I had titties I'd be a millionaire. My under lining theory is that most men don't have a supportive mother, so they would rather turn to these cunts parroting the same talking points rather than support the men that literally created the "red pill". Beta male shit.
Its both. We're all essentially orphans with narcissistic parents.... Personally I haven't talked to my mom or sister in 15 years because of their narcissistic nonsense.
Most people I know dislike at least one parent, and feel greater peace of mind living separately. Even those who don't dislike their parents eventually move out and reduce interactions with them.
So I think there's a more narrow reason why some guys follow e-thots on social media and/or boost e-thots' profiles by giving them direct attention (in the form of comments/other interactions on the social media site the e-thot uses): they're gullible, a trait that comes under the umbrella of being stupid or low IQ overall, and they inherited their mental deficiencies from their parents. A foid who ends up becoming a single mother is almost always mentally deficient, the only exception is if she was married but the guy died.