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Has a negative stigma around your hobby or a general interest ruined your enjoyment of it?

HARD MODE: Don't bring up anything related to video games or anime
>HARD MODE: Don't bring up anything related to video games or anime
geg nah fuck yourself nigga
i was into speedrunning and more specifically TAS, my favorite games in terms of seeing soys go as fast as possible were meinkraft and SMW kaizo, and made some custom kaizo levels myself
but then this literally who namefag came in, modified the traditional method a bit and genuinely spent months analizing how the jewtube algorithm works holy soy KEK, thanks to him people don't bother playing minecraft normally anymore they start a world and do everything wrong, killing golems before was a challenge now its just building 5 blocks and sword it until it ACKS, mojew should add an update giving them BIC (big iron cocks) they can use to destroy the dirt pillars players build and rape them in their ass

not long after that jude jaiden troonimations made a video where she played smw kaizo horribly fucking wrong but because she was commenting on EVERYTHING she did with her rat sounding annoying foid voice and she's le heckin LGBTQABCDEFGHI+++ Premium BIPOC (xhe is a fucking chink) people supported xer and now there are plenty of troons into it and they play like shit too BUT they're troons so they'll get attention everywhere they go
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