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has a foid ever impressed you?


defrenned circumcucked retributionist
Jul 7, 2023
think about anything theyve ever accomplished or any talents and skill they have. ive never once been impressed by anything they can do. theyre so bad at everything. its why feminism sucks so much to. they pretty much promoted janitors to managers. fucking cucks. i was watching this thinking how foids would never be able to do something like this.
I admire genuinely hard working girls (mostly because I am the polar opposite)

So many options for degeneracy for them but they chose the straight and narrow

I know they still have the same Chadsexuality and bias bullshit but at least they're doing something constructive with their life
I would wager that a good chunk of 8/10 and up women are closet racists who hold similar views to us, but aren't open about their power level due to societal standards. However, the vast bulk of them are bound to their emotional impulses and would betray their values in a heartbeat if given half the opportunity. Women as described in 4chan memes are blatantly false, but true at the same time. Pretty women can be put to good use, if society didn't pamper them.

i was bored watching more of him and he meets a noodle with a boyfriend whos most likely white. seeing as shes from vietnam peter isnt a name used there so shes wmaf and when asked her favorite thing about him she answers height. foids are trash primitive animals similar to niggers and since they cant take care of themself they are also children because they think and act similar to them which in turn makes them NIGGER CHILDREN. fuck soyciety and every cuck in this twisted world. i will shake the world to its core on the day of retribution.
I think that a foid has lower chance of being a bitch the less attractive she is. Between all 4 of my sisters, my oldest sister is the least attractive between them, a 5/10. She's also the smartest, and by far the most interesting of my sisters to talk to. She's also very rare in that not only is she a foid, but she's a slow life history strategist. My second-oldest sister is a disgusting whore, has dated about 10 men at this point(probably way more) and has had sex who knows how many times. Meanwhile, my oldest sister has only dated about 4 men, and said she wants to not have sex until marrige. She looksmatches as well. Unfortunately, this is the exception rather than the norm. The average sub-6/10 woman is strictly chadlite/chadsexual, and is disgusted by subhumans. 80/20 I guess.
No. Intellectually, women are absent they have the minds of 14 year olds at best. The only time I have been impressed with a woman was with her physical body. Nice face, tight hips, smooth legs, firm stomach...
But thats all a woman is truly worth, her body and child bearing potential, anything beyond that is a pipe dream or just cope.
I mean think about it, why do so many dudes like 2D? Well, just for the look and fantasy, after all that's a woman's only worth, her looks.
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