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Guys, I ascended with a girl


Jun 12, 2023
A few months back I spoke to this girl and we talked about random shit, like andrew tate being arrested and shit, and she wanted to come to my place.

I told her I live in a nuthouse but she didn't mind and we chilled out and one thing led to another and we made out and fucked.

She put the condom on me because I had no idea how to use one, and because of this she thought I was virgin, but I laughed and explained I only had sex with a girl who had her tubes tied.

She didn't believe me and thought it was cute I was virgin and liked the idea of taking a guy's virginity

Any she laid on top of me, and I had trouble sticking my pipe in the hole

Anyway we did it, and she farted half way through which was very odd for me, because I never thought of toilets actually farting

It was just a fling and we still talk occasionally, but its very shallow relationship
get out of here fakecel
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