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GTNH server for frens from the forum


5000 hours on industrial cube game
I am planning to start a small whitelisted server for people from here on gtnh. The world is in mv and has some basic stuff set up, so all the painful gathering of 2k clay and waiting ages for steel has been done. I am planning to have maybe 5 people on? We will see. Newbies and experienced welcome. – download from there
Modpack has a lot of custom stuff, including literally porting the entire game to java 9+ (yes, the 1.7 necromodders ported mc 1.7 to java 9), which is only downloadable from github and their discord server.
For your information, we will be on 2.3.0 with the ftb utils installed
Well, 2.4.0-rc1 is in beta, and will probably release stable next week. If I won't hear anything about game shitting itself on the beta, we will go with that, and update to release
Will there be anyone else besides from this site joining your server?
I don't think so. I can invite the groups I know, but they seem to rush and not build up infra. This is not a big deal, but it annoys me. Also, for most Europeans, school starts in 2 days, and most devoted people there are in high school. What I am trying to say is that unless I go into depth looking for based people, IG It's whoever messages us on the forum or if I somehow find a person that is not a schizo tranny talking about their fetishes every 15 minutes. Really, I have seen some disgusting shit past 2 days.
We are starting today. If anyone wants to get the IP contact me via discord, telegram or matrix (when I finally move off an instance that became a lolicon one for some weird fucking reason), dm me on the forum. I need your nickname to whitelist you and no, I will not allow in offline accounts because it would brick our progress.
We have three regular sharty users that came from my Jewtube channel and Soybooru. Needless to say they are much better than any /polACK we've attracted.
They found the site through Youtube and Soybooru not sharty though. The average sharty user might be a different sort, so it'd be wise to stealth advertise there first before committing shekels.
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Worth noting that @IntolerantSocialist and I have been around on other forums for a while and came to hear of this place through word of mouth "tho". @HardcoreBlackpill recommended that we register here.
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