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Gotta nut in a cup soon


Your frenly uncle...
Jun 22, 2023
Hopefully it goes better than last time where I was followed, but I do wonder what they did with my cum after they drove off with it.
its already to late they have your genome theyre selling jt and they sold you to theae gay ass kike governments and corporations and ANALytic CUMpanies similar to JEWgle look up 23 and ME. ITS OWNED BY THESE GAY NIGGER KIKE LOVERS. JEWGLE OWNS THEM JUST LIKE JEWTUBE. YOU LOST AT LIFE!!!!!!!!
Citizen, you have been identified as having genetic traits linked with increased non-compliance and criminal activity. For your own safety you have been placed under house arrest pending a full review at a further date.
Keep giving your cum to lesbians so they can physically and mentally abuse your child.
I knew a kid who was a sperm donation and he wasn't abused despite having two moms
Also they will most likeally try to scam you later. I saw cases where those lesbian couple ask for their donor alimony.
They know nothing about me not even my real name
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