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Gone Too Soon Feelsbadman

>Jonathan Bowden - Liverpool Speech (extended and rare)
>not saving the subtitles here in case the video gets (((removed))) :fuckingshit:
this means that we are in Liverpool in

the northwest of England throughout

England throughout Britain in a very

false position

the society has probably not been weaker

not being more broken

than it has been there that it is now

for over a century and more

in 1908 we ruined a quarter of the

planet and people fear this

they didn't like us but they feared us

now we don't control the streets or

certainly our government doesn't

continue to control the streets in most

of the inner areas of our cities

four years ago we had a third of our

army and a third of our tank Corps in

Iraq in the southern deserts the Blair

regime that did that at America's behest

and its zionists passed within the

United States

don't control the streets of South


they control the streets of topstone

don't control the streets of my side

they'll control the streets of

handsworth and in a Birmingham where

whites are 22 percent of the popular

many of our people have fled from the

inner areas of our cities to get away

from what has occurred and not one

member of the political establishment

other than indirectly like the present

Minister for immigration Willis will

actually even address any of these

issues because there aren't patriotic

and their cowards and they're refrain

and they're afraid of this party amongst

others they're even afraid of the people

in this room

when that list appeared on the internet

short while ago whatever its source that

is an attempt to intimidate people from

having a political point of view which

is not regarded as acceptable by the

current establishment we both labor in

the north say putting simply a bit

simply or touring where I come from

where often you can't even find the

labor Council there whoever you vote for

the same group of people with the same

sort of ideas

all internationalists

but all globalists

they all believe in immigration to

allegedly fill the gap they all believe

in multiculturalism

they are all tolerant of everything

except those that sustain this Society


they preach equality

they have renamed on their commitment to

the core people up here in the Northwest

and elsewhere

when people vote in labor in 1945 to

have a change from the world of the

1930s they didn't vote for what this

country now is in 2008.

they didn't vote for what they see

flickering behind them on any new screen

begging vote for the torturing of babies

to death in Saints Estates in a London

Forest they didn't vote for the

prevalence of crime many of the things

that we see family breakdown prevalence

of the usage of drugs as an escape match


on the social contraception enormous

immigration from the third world 70

million that's right 70 million persons

of color have entered the United States

of America since the all-white

immigration policy was done awaited by

Robert Kennedy in the late 1960s that is

why our battles are 18.

white Americans face minority status

minority status in New York City in New

York state in California in Texas

two or three years but he may be five or

six in New York or in a minority now


it's part of California you have to do

complicated sounds about how

he knows a Caucasian and so on now

liberal money people would say what's he

talking about for all the same we're all

the same and these divisions don't

really matter no other country on Earth

no other groups of countries are no

other regime China not India not I'm not

the new Russia and so on has invited the

world to come in

has thrown their nationality away and

opened the door and said come in and

make what you can with what we've got

here no other group on Earth has done it

in Japan

immigration has to be racially based and

has to be congruent with those who are

Asiatic namely Japanese in India you

have to have an Indian parent to share

Indian culture of one sort or another to

even have a business you need an Indian

past that these groups are protecting

their identity they they are throwing it


on the basis of liberal ideas and

globalist economics which are failing if

you want to be unemployed in the future

both new labor

if you want Total crime Anarchy and

disorder in the cities both new labor


it's a light blue tie and a little bit

of Spin and a bit more private sector

involvement here and there but the core

of these parties is the same

and absolutely the same

we'll watch them on a Wednesday in the

House of Commons when they're all

screaming abusing each other

that prime minister's question timing

synthetic abuse they agree of 80 percent

they agree on multiracialism they agree

on multiculturalism

they agree to agree on the disprivaging

of the cultural right to domination of

the white majority

they agree on all the social changes

that have occurred since the 1960s

they agree on the collects of the family

for which many of their policies are

responsible moral social economic and


they agree with what happened to our

educational system our Educational

Systems shot to PCS

and why do we know shot to Pieces

because new labor ministers will not

send their own children to the schools

that they expect others to go to


schools which increasingly will be based

upon quotas

and will be ideologized to a degree that

every London School in Hackney does

black history every November it's a

short course

well I imagine this from Hackney are

very ironic very acidic very cynical

about these sorts of things

but the fact that this ideology is round

down people from a very early

shows the certain desperation to keep

what has been created going

many of our people drift around knowing

nothing about our culture no

no raised most of our national heroes

have been erased


a certified obviously I've been

delivered to deliver price the thing

that strikes me when you come to

Liverpool is the extraordinary nature of

the buildings

these classical buildings and the power

that they once represented

they'd say so it opens one's eyes

Liverpool's presented out Stanley as the

city of the Dole and sponging and

criminality you look at these buildings

these were the buildings that ruled the

world the manifested power and glory for

all kinds of people

one British politician today talked

about British power and British Glory

they're ashamed to be British they're

ashamed to be English they're ashamed to

be white they're ashamed to be Caucasian


are civilization the European

which context

they're ashamed of the statues in the

squares in this in other cities the

names of whose

that you'll celebrate

celebrate wish to if they can't

they're ashamed ashamed of these flags

up here and behind me well we're not


we're proud


know what we are new neighbors say that

we're intolerant and that we want the

appease the wine prostitutes into Iraq

and into Afghanistan players had about

seven wars in his ten years in power

ground Finance them this war has done

nothing for us at all

nothing for us at all and we don't

control the streets in our own cities

and liberals say that we're the

intolerables that we are the warmongers

that we represent the past that we

represent National Wars of the past they

've the world to impose their sort of

ideology on all people including our own

if you listen to Brown closely what's

his message

the world should be like

happens to Western people if everyone

else is westernized

the West is our

it's our culture it's our civilization

it's not for Universal export nor is it

for the whole world to come here and to

enjoy what we have and

and have sustained and have forced and

struggled for

life is not a bowl of cherries and

liberal views about life are false men

and women are not interchangeable man is

not an optional extra if you wish to

bring up children me men should not be

permitted to marry and bring up children

as Norman

said throws its own

Ed by his own past in the

will have no future

you have to face things on glory and

upon patriotism

able to get a new sexual feeling that's

left is patriotism patriotism is the

remaining socialism

it brings everyone together

meets inequality

it emits identity if the left 100 years

ago when the labor party was being

formed in cities like this

had not have rejected the idea of race

had not rejected the idea of ethnicity

had not rejected the idea of identity

character was Unstoppable in the world

but they rejected all of these things

that make life tolerable for people one

of their Cardinal mistakes was the

rejection of the idea of the family

nuclear and exchange

extent without a family

of erect and have nothing when

everything falls apart particularly

economically which is coming for many at

this hour the

fact that you go back to

outside a certain circle of warmth in

relation to those who are related to you

by Blood life for many can be as hard as

the pavement

this shows you the extraordinarily

destructive nature of lecturing ideas

which have been prevalent for much of

the last century

But the irony is those ideas in a

moderated in a softer than a more middle

class way are in power

those ideas are in power we have a


Society something which most people

thought would be impossible 100 years

ago you'd have been accused of being a

political illiterate for saying that but

that's what we've got about

the values of miscegenation the values

of multiculturalism the values of

multiple Multicultural density identity

the values of a supermarket for ideas

internationalism or any nationalities on

our own

face of complete moral equality for all

forms of life These are norms these are

norms anyone who speaks against it is a

monster and it and it's all based on a

radical factorized Market a dog eat dog

and there's no such thing as society and

there's no community and there's no such

thing as solidarity with your own kind

and so on the is regarded as reaction

here of the past well they're not of the

past they are of the present and of the


because if this country is to survive it

has to return to those sorts of values

and go up what Britain was in the past

can't be brought back and all sorts of

problems with previous models as well we

have to build a new type of society in

this country it has to be done from the

bottom up you put your own country and

your own group first whatever policy

proposition is put before you Europe's

just another tier of government

is removed from our people and which

they essentially despise one of the most

remarkable things is that there's now a

majority a majority to leave the

European Union

and why do we want to leave the European

Union because if you slide French and

German people no there's got nothing to

do with it because we want to have

sovereignty of our own Nations a so we

can decide who is registered who is not

but so we can decide on our own economic

affairs so they can decide on our own

military and cultural policies the

nation states big enough for people to

identify with and small enough to make a

difference people don't identify with

great big jobs all over the world


so they're not going to do something you

have no past and if you have no present

by virtue of that understanding you're

then you have no future we have to

toughen up as a people we have to become

more better we have to become stronger

in the way that we once were

secretly look to the people in this

party and as an insurance policy for

what they fear might be coming

what do you think this Society is going

to be like in 50 years on present trends

will be in a minority in most of the

Cities crime will be endemic

in many areas will be completely

culturally disprivileged

the elite financial and political and

bureaucratic who live in gated areas

with their own security guards you go to

a third world country

Elite shops with men with machine guns

they go into gated Estates in places

like Kensington in West London for

example and they they swipe a car and a

gate open if they go in in the 4x4 the

gate shuts the bar fire everywhere

because they're afraid they're

oh even just the street this is how the

immediate Legion Brazil Venezuela and

Egypt behind he's coming here it's here


unless people decide to vote in order to

change it

our Representatives want to go into a

parliament like the European assembly in

order to destroy

it was there against any European or

white nationality but because they want

control here in their own countries

where they can make a difference where

we can begin to clean up the mess

sorry liberal and labor liberals don't

need to rule because their ideas are in

power and the other parties switch about

we are illegal

we are Democrats but we are not liberals

we weren't trying to be punished we want

social justice for our own people we

want jobs for

jobs we want to

debt we want racial crimes against their

own people to stop

we want our own country back

we want our own

identity is the basis of life

you who you are you give your surname

you give a few family details some

people will talk about career but date

down you will talk about nationality

it will talk about rootedness you will

talk about who your

who you're so in the past

present and through children and

grandchildren into the future

this is why most of the ideologies which

have contrary to the family feed

criminality feed despair feed non-patri

party aspiration they have no strength

to resist various forces that come from


Western cities and put truck bombs in

public places for example Western

societies sort of pick up the pieces

they pick up the mess they Hoover Up the

Bodies there's talk of Tolerance and

Justice and integration

Security Service activists

and the thing trolls on as if nothing

has really happened

this is the society the sleepwalking

towards various forms of Destruction

and it has to wake up

it's time particularly for the English

above the British to step forward

Englishman for too long when somebody

stands up in his foot in the tube or the

drum or the bus says sorry instead of

get off my foot

we need to be more militant

in terms of our own identity

you turn on the BBC for example

free message and

half Direct

arrest us

the star Glory danger the degree that

some of the people in the in those

Studios and on those editorial

committees that put together those

programs that are unconscious

but I got a liberal mindset they've got

an ideology

they know what they're doing they breed

this liberal air all the time it's a

shock to them when somebody says that


they did what the society has become

it's a shock to them when they said he

not power was right and he not power was


he certainly was right in his

constituency now there's a tower block

in that tire block 32 languages are

spoken in the block 32 and one of them's


one of them's English and that is his

constituency when he spoke in the late

statistic with a tradition of dissident

because mostly that links into Joseph

Chamberlain the SE were establishment

man who said that it can be done

differently and we need a new

dispensation in this Society

in this room

will a vote your labor in the past will

have been involved in other forms of

politics or no forms of politics we need

to bring together people from military

backgrounds from civilian backgrounds

Northern backgrounds from Southern

backgrounds for a working class

backgrounds from middle class

backgrounds from upper class backgrounds

from Scottish backgrounds from wealth

backgrounds from Irish backgrounds we

need to bring them all together

and this man can bring them together

because the red stands for the central

equity and a socialized state that does

the Davao three to five million


the white stands for the ethnicity of

the core nature of the island and the

blue stands for the innate social

conservatism of many people

who would hang the sword of murderers

that we've seen paraded across our media

screens in the last couple of weeks in

very sordid and degrading cases we're

all concerned we'll just get rid of them

that believes in glory and patriotism


our future

liberals believe that nationalism has

disappeared that the politics of

identity has disappeared

there are

I was once on a tube Station in London

and some Champion was absolutely out of

his mind on a drink chucked himself

under a drain


the community you know and

it's true what community don't forget

care in the community was another

factorized initiative from the 1980s

we believe in individual freedom and

responsibility within Community you

can't be an individual without a group

they're not antithetical be believed in

free speech it's a British right it's an

English writer here you say this very

little free speech in this country at

the moment Laura after law is being

passed to prevent us from speaking as we

in the 1990s almost every other year 697

new labor has passed a law to prevent

you saying things

destructive ecology Act

which bans islamophobia in relation to

the alleged dissemination of religious


extension of ideas of ethnicity to cover

particular prioritized religious

minorities at present minorities


no one at a increasingly say anything

Criterion but there's two

heterosexualists allegedly that's still

elitist and so on all of these are

combining to paralyze people

are very uneducated when they leave

school these days but they know what

political correctness is

and political correctness is a doctor

which is used everywhere people say oh

I've made a politically incorrect from

art and they get your disorder


this is our country we can say what we


one of the reasons I pitch things at a

certain level of course is if you adopt

a slightly sort of academic Tone If you

like you actually avoid any infractions

in relation to these laws that have been

passed labor has passed these laws

particularly to deny white Working Class

People to write a free speech in their

own Society

law to the next designed to track people

so they can't speak in the way that they

feel comfortable

is what they're designed to do is

designed so that only liberal people for

which they believe education people can

speak no one else can say anything and

if they do there's sort of branding on

the tongue immediately as one of those

bigots one of those Outsiders one of

those intolerant people who advocate

exclusivity rather than inclusive

Tony Blair said that our people fought

in Wars for reasons of Tolerance and


when they went over the top in 1914 when

they fired from a bunker in the desert

in North Africa in the early 1940s they

weren't saying

gifts are out of my sight for tolerance

and inclusion

for this country


they went fighting for tolerance and

confusion there's no such thing if

you're too tolerant you're on the ground

with nickels growing over your body

you walk up right in the sun if you've

got any dignity at all like these

intolerant life is unequal life is

unfair we've got to make sure that we

are the winners in this life of the

National Group rather than the losers

this country is stepping into the second

world and the third world lose it's here

not just demographically and ethnically

but in its mindsets in its ideas about

itself and solo

daedarius segregated terms in cities

having as you do in the third world to

bribe officials in order to get anything

done and she still Reger outside Europe

nearly all over the world oil these

things are coming you can sense that

it's in the air we wish to be a powerful

country even in modernity if it's a

country of the second rank of pure power

but we want to decide our own future we

want to decide who is British and who is


we want to decide


if somebody wants to decide what are

what are his and what it means and what

it does not

we want English History Month not Black

History Month

we want our glory to be manifested again

liberals have a member of the liberal

Democratic executive was sat over there

imagination he'd be saying it's the past

it's extremism well what does moderation

done for us in the last 50 to 60 years

always cutting the difference always

listening to the other person's point of

view always spending over Wards always

moving back in order not to be too

authoritarian or to be seen to be

this is the politics of bank and denial

in the end if you adopt back to the

degree that we almost have done we will

disappear we will disappear

woman said to me recently in parts of

London England has disappeared true

last time I was in Liverpool somebody

told me there's a big Somalian community

in Thompson

why are they here

they're here because of the labor

nationality Act of 1948

for the genocide convention after the

second world war again created in 1948

they're here because they claim Refuge

status from a country that hasn't had a


don't ask

maybe listen to plot it seeks to suck it

it splits on the switch and puts it in

and it plugs you into a globalization in

all areas social economic ethnic

cultural faith-based military

involvement everything

so that we're interconnected with the

whole of the rest of the world but not

from a dominant position

this means you are a prey to every

buffet and every storm that comes along

and we have an establishment that's too

weak to stand up for our people

doing so anyway there's not one member

of the new labor cabinet that would say

they would be proud to be English and

British in too aggressive away and

that's because these people are

increasingly are unpatriotic they're

eight years they're mild and ffs and

traces and they need to be removed they

need to be allegedly removed on mass

they need to be removed in the European

elections there are Representatives


cast their Welsh parliamentary and

Scottish developed parliamentary cousins

need to be removed

finally the Westminster tier the most

difficult tier of all but here which you

can only democratically attack by going

above to the

edge of the western

GLA Victory with Richard barbrick in

London recently when you chisel up from

above and below

because we have to have a future in our

own land

our future is not as a minority

not as a despised culture that's one

side of the curriculum not dead white

European whales like Shakespeare will

get five minutes every so often we wish

to be Central we wish to be dominant we

wish to be primordial in our own country

in our own land using our own language

and in relation to our own Traditions

military and otherwise
not even the brit knows who this nigga is KEK
Nigga he was part of a extremely niche party in the UK that most britbongs don't even know exist and died in 2012. I'd be surprised if anybody else on this forum knew about him beforehand. Finding out who he is and watching his speeches has been like unearthing a gem. At least just watch the first 5 minutes of the speech I attached. He's an actual true chud, and I'm sure you'll agree with him on almost everything.
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Nigga he was part of a extremely niche party in the UK that most britbongs don't even know exist and died in 2012. I'd be surprised if anybody else on this forum knew about him beforehand. Finding out who he is and watching his speeches has been like unearthing a gem. At least just watch the first 5 minutes of the speech I attached. He's an actual true chud, and I'm sure you'll agree with him on almost everything.
i'll do it when i have free time
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