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Giving up on ascending


Frightful but also quite delightful
I've been doing a ketogenic diet for the last few days and had some success, a worker in a shop started a conversation with me. However I woke up this morning and can't even see my chin. I'm going to focus on myself from now on instead of trying to get into society, even if I somehow did the years wasted being a bloated swamp monster will haunt me. I can't control turning into a subhuman it just happens. I can however control trying to invest into myself so im not broke when I'm older. Even if I fail I think its more productive than trying to fix something I have 0 control over.
That's one of the best things you can with your time as things will only get worse as you age.

Focus on wealth.

Having some money makes it so much easier. Invest time in building it up now while you have the energy.
you are right forget about looks. just get money in any means possible who cares what you need to do for it because soyciety wronged us . just seamax once you have the means of making money and try and forget this life of pain and suffering.