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Generation alpha gonna be next level shitposters

This is all their parents fault. As soon those babies are born the first thing that this fucker give them are a cellphone.
If I had a son, I'd force that little nigga to do pushups, and he will not be fed goyslop, just meat, fruit and veg, and milk and water.

He would wear hugo boss and armani, no geeky soy shirts or vidya shirts.

He would also be taught in the arts and de-programmed from the propaganda they teach in schools
This is what happen when you are too lazy to be a parent, so incompetent that you have to rely an iphone to do the job for you. This is exactly what (((they))) want though so both parents can actually go wageslaving while the kid growing up to be a consoomer.

I doubt that they will be shitposters. They will just endless surfing on normies mainstream sites
it's over, the new generation will be full fledged soy consoomers and there's nothing can stop that.