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Frightfulcels kingdom guide


Frightful but also quite delightful
If you want to rule your kingdom in a frightful way, then this is the guide for you

First you must centralize your capitol. Having it by a river is the best place because a river can be easily defended from sea raiders and is good for commerce. Never make a coastal city your capitol. Next you will need big walls to show your imperium to your enemies.

To rule in a frightful way you'll have to rule through fear. While armies will keep people from defying your rule you will also need to be frightful. Do frightful acts to make people think of you as someone to not mess with.

If you have an ally and they suck then don't be too harsh on them. For example, request 100 archers to help reinforce a fort or request a baggage train every once and a while.

It is quite eerie to have forests around your city, cut them down so you can spot enemy forces and grow crops. Have a forest however around your fort.

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