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foid gets what she deserves

9,000,000 views for one random woman while no one cares that men get raped far more.
the guy was a htn in looks to. this shits all so cucked.
It's funny how women are allowed to have rape fantasies on Reddit yet you can't say nigger. Which means a fucking word is more terrifying to them than rape.

it wasnt even real rape and rape isnt that bad. its just a dick in you for a few seconds. imagine if she was circumcucked. fuck foids and their rights.

Pretty women dont have it as good like one believes, a lot of them secretly wish they were "ugly" and "irrelevant" due to the unwanted attention they get and mental health issues they tend to be riddled with. It is interesting to note how different she looks without makeup plastered on her face, I had a near diamond hard-on until I saw her without makeup.
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