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FACT: Women would rather fuck actual Gorilla than any CHUD.


Women prefer the 3-6cm penis of a strong Gorilla to any chud's. Studies show when women look at Gorillas they are aroused strongly - Donkey Kong fucked. A common fantasy for women who have pity relationships with chuds is for the Gorilla to dominate them while Chud is in the corner crying. Gorillas exude testosterone and masculinity. Your penis length doesn't matter that much.

Women will prefer Chimps, Orangutans, and even little Bonobos. Frankly a woman would rather fuck a GIBBON than CHUD.

The Gorillapill is a FACT. Is Gorillapill theory compatible with dogpill theory?
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modern women naturally are attracted to brutoids instead of well raised men, we need to go back to beat the ever living shit out of them instead of getting cucked by tyrone

niggers can't be incels