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English football club charged with anti Irish abuse

There is a soccer player from my country who has always received abuse and death threats from British football fans because he refused to wear a poppy on his shirt, a poppy is used to remember British soldiers who died in the world wars and it raises funds for British veterans. He is also hated because of some Irish rebel music he posted on his social media.

His family receive death threats online and one Briton even wanted to set the player on fire and have his kids watch their father burn.

What a deranged people the British are, a very dangerous people.

That shows how clueless you are. There was a 30 year war in my country because of Irish Catholics being treated as 2nd class citizens for decades. That was 50 years ago not the 1800s.
Aren't you the same clown who thinks Home Alone is about Jews and Anglos?
I feel like the whole thing is exaggerated. It was just criminals using the IRA as an excuse to commit terrorism.