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TV & Music Emily Atack (33) has opened up about the lows of single life



She is so real for this.​

Emily Atack has recently got candid about the trials and tribulations of being single.

Speaking on the Soap & Glory podcast, the TV personality has said the single life is all but roses and admitted to feeling 'lonely' and 'miserable' at times.

Despite being in high-demand in her career and with fans, she has been, so far, unlucky in love.

Emily, 33, has been linked to a number of well-known faces in the industry such as Harry Styles, Man City player, Jack Grealish, and boxer Charlie Edwards, as well as more recently, Big Brother's Liam McGough.

Opening up in a raw conversation about her relationship status, she told host Florence Given that, at times, she feels so lonely that she cries herself to sleep, and lacks self-esteem in relationships.

"People think I fly the flag for all the single ladies, but I’m not afraid to admit being on your own is actually miserable a lot of the time. It’s pretty hard," the I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! runner-up confessed.

Emily also admitted that she has a tendency to lose herself when she falls in love.

“This is where I am at the moment - I’m too much of a romantic, it’s actually ruining my life.Where I go wrong in life is that I’m known as confident, sexy and all those things, and that’s all great. And then the second that I’m in love, I’m absolutely pathetic."

Beyond relatable.

She went on to reveal that her self-care and love falls to the wayside once she enters a relationship,

“It’s a horrible thing to admit but it’s just true, and there is something about a romantic love that drains me of all my self love, it just does.

“I put everything into that person and I’m just a shrivelling little wreck, handing my heart over on a royal, red fluffy cushion.”

Emily has been single since last year following her split from Liam McGough, 39, who appeared on Big Brother in 2007.

Describing herself as a 'serial dater' with a 'colourful love life', she is on the hunt to find the one, but finds that her singleton lifestyle is often at the centre of conversation.

“I’m learning that in my thirties I am a consumer of love. Obviously most people my age are settled down. My little sister is married. Most people around me are doing it all now, and I’m not yet."

“They find my dating life fascinating because I go out with different people. I fall in love and then my heart gets broken or then I break someone’s heart accidentally."

However, this has helped the comedian to narrow down what she is looking for in a person and solidified that dating apps are not for her

Adding that constant swiping left or right to accept or reject a potential lovers makes the model feel disposable.

"I know both worlds, before dating apps and trying to navigate the new life of dating, which is being really expendable," she shared.

“Everyone is always looking for something better, and I have been guilty of that too."

Speaking on something I think we can all relate to, the actress said that her own mother, Kate Robbins, 64, takes every opportunity to get updates on her dating life.

"There are the dreaded words that my mother says to me after every date — ‘Has he texted you yet?’ I’m like, ‘Don’t ask me that’. And then he texts."

Emily is currently dating and open to finding Mr. Right.

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brittany story from my twisted world is with a beta bux indian. in my twisted world er dropped his class after he found out she had a boyfriend who was a tall white surfer chadlite.
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