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Gaming Do you enjoy monster raising games?

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Do you guys enjoy this genre? This genre consist in you get monsters for your team and training them for them to get stronger and fight for you. Usually most people thinks in pokemon when you said "monster raising games", but there are many others like digimon, monster rancher, medabots, shin megami tensei and many others...

I had play gen 1 to gen 3 pokemons games, but I also played "digimon world ds" and monster rancher advanced. I also played "castlevania: curse of the darkness", while this game wasnt a turn based rpg, it have monster raising mechanics
Not really anymore. Was big into Pokemon when I was in school. Bought a homebrew 3ds after leaving school to play again and it just didn't hit the same. Couldn't be bothered with it. As a kid I liked the general vibe of the games and the feeling of going on an adventure, in high school I more enjoyed having battles during dinner time and shit (ORAS). Never completed Unova or Kalos games.
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