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Caged Dark triad (possibly) gay Chad marries Becky for green card and gets catered to like a king


Long thread, but a decent read

I (23F) got married to my husband (30M) 2.5 months ago. Prior to that, we were in an on-again, off-again long distance relationship for 5 years. During that time, he'd boast about his high libido, masturbating multiple times per day, and wanting to do all the NSFW things in the book to me, with a particular interest in giving me oral sex. Now that I look back at it, it all seems like a ploy for him to get to Europe: After all, he's from Russia, and I'm from Poland. He doesn't have any savings or strong qualifications (he used to work as a hairdresser in Russia), and the European Union is doing their best to stop Russians from immigrating to the West. One of the few ways for him to leave his country and avoid the draft, was by marrying a citizen of the EU and going there as a member of their family, and he just so happened to have been stringing along a girl from Poland (me).

Unfortunately, I was too stupid and in love to fall for this obvious trap.

At first, all seemed well. We met in Georgia, and spent the first week wandering through Tbilisi, making friends, and preparing all the documents needed to get married. And then, once we tied the knot, it was as if a switch moved inside my husband. He no longer wanted to touch me. Whenever we had sex, it was always on his terms, and always the same: I'd suck him off, he'd ask if I was on my period or in my fertile window. If I was menstruating or close to my ovulation date, he'd just leave the bed, and act as if I was the most disgusting creature on the planet. During the other two weeks of the month, things weren't any better either. He'd no longer kiss, caress, touch my body, explore any kinks despite claiming to be interested in them prior to our wedding, or even do anything with the remote purpose of getting me warmed up for intimacy, since he couldn't bother to due so, and claimed that it was too uncomfortable, too gross, too hard or time-consuming. Instead, he'd straight into PIV, and once he finished, my husband would just leave me in the bed, and get back to his backbreaking task of watching Youtube videos, playing his guitar or lying on the couch. He wouldn't even cuddle me.

Because of this, I was getting more and more resentful of him. I tried communicating my needs, initiating sex, wearing his preferred lingerie, but he'd always have an excuse for being sexually unavailable, his favorite one being that "he has to save his seed". It's quite hard to translate the exact phrase he uses, but it means something along these lines.

Anyway, the final straw came today.

Last evening, one of our friends told him he knew a weed dealer, and could sell us this drug for 110 GEL, about 42$. My husband loves weed, I don't, but I told him that if he ate me out, I'd give him the money for it (to top all the issues up, he didn't bother getting a job in Georgia, whereas I work as a graphic designer, and make just enough to support us both). He agreed, and I started preparing for it, to avoid any of his common excuses.

"There's hair down there"? I spent 30 minutes waxing and shaving my vagina.
"I'll probably want a drink"? I stocked up on juice and water for him.
"It smells like a fish market, other women don't smell like that"? I made extra sure that I was clean down there, and even applied some perfume to make sure that he wouldn't use this excuse.
"Why isn't your underwear [insert his favorite set]"? I hand washed the panties that he always wants me to wear, and put them on.

Finally, happy that, for once, I'll get to experience at least some semblance of pleasure in bed, even if it meant having to pay for it, and enduring him being high for the next few days, I woke him up. I gave him an hour to lay in bed, and become alert.

And then, when I dared to ask my husband if he could eat me out, and reminded him what he'd get for doing so, I was hit with another excuse: "I'll do it later", which can be translated into: "I won't do it".

Because of that, something broke in me. I curled up in the bed and started crying. He accused me of being emotionally manipulative, financially abusive and rapey. I texted his friend that we won't be buying weed, and when he asked why and I told him the truth (my husband promised to eat me out in front of this friend), I got accused of airing dirty laundry and embarrassing my spouse.

I don't know what I did to deserve such a "marriage". I'm not overweight. I always shower, and shave every 3 days. Yes, I have extremely narrow hips, and while I understand that they are disgusting, and, coupled with a massive rib cage and broad shoulders, likely why I never got much male attention, I still feel very hurt and upset. Whenever I read about a couple that cuddles before bed every night, or a husband that always tries to please his wife, I want to cry, because I will likely never experience such a thing. Even if I went back to Poland now, I'd be a 23-year old divorcee, and once men learn about how I got tricked into this dumpster fire of a marriage, my dating prospects will become even worse. I also don't have anyone or anything to return to in my home country, and if it wasn't for a sweet, grey kitten that we adopted here, I would have likely offed myself ten times over by now.

I apologize for writing such a long post, and going off topic for most of it. I had to get all of this off my chest. I don't know how much longer I can endure this. My husband believes that if a couple has too much sex at the start of the relationship, they will grow to hate each other after a few years, but in my opinion, by avoiding any intimacy, he is doing the exact thing that will likely lead to our divorce. He lives like a king, doesn't have to work or do anything, and, to be honest, I don't understand why someone can be so stupid, and for all I do for him, not even bother to give me 5 minutes of oral.

It's over for poolacks :chud: . Russian chuds won.
@EternalKaczor would you take thee this Polina Becky as your gf?
Polak women hate their men and want low inhib low iq dark triad ruskies to pillage their pussies

Meanwhile the sub Chad polak man is struggling with day to day pay, and some put themselves through grueling tasks (back breaking construction work or mind numbing STEMmaxing) their women are free to whore themselves to foreign cock

sub Chad polak man is struggling with day to day pay, and some put themselves through grueling tasks (back breaking construction work or mind numbing STEMmaxing) their women are free to whore themselves to foreign cock
sub-chad polACK men would rather be plumbers and janitors in a Western European country where the natives hate them than be a doctor in PolACK land
I legit have no idea how these people can stand behind their desk and study for this shit tbh and the degree takes so damn long too (unless they also cheat en masse on every exam)

And there's a few that look incel as fuck too where is the motivation coming from
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