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Curry gets busted after 'raping' a wahman

Based Vampire

Jun 11, 2023

20-year-old Preet Vikal has been put behind bars after he was seen carrying a drunk woman on his arms as he walked back towards his flat.

Cardiff police stated that Vikal encountered the heavily intoxicated woman outside a music venue in the Welsh capital. "The victim had drunk excessively and, by the end of the night, was hopelessly intoxicated. Her recollection of the night is vague, but she knew she and her friends had started drinking at home before going to a bar on Mill Lane, then to Live Lounge," explained Prosecutor Matthew Cobbe in Cardiff Court.

The victim was so inebriated that she struggled to stand at the club where she was with her friends. A stranger helped her before she stepped outside and encountered Vikal. The two engaged in conversation and moved away from their group. CCTV footage then captured Vikal carrying the victim at 4 am.

Vikal brought the victim to his flat, where he raped her. The victim had no memory of the events when she woke up naked next to Vikal. He later messaged her on Instagram, confirming that they had sexual intercourse and admitted that he had forgotten to use a condom when asked by her.

The victim promptly reported the incident to the police, resulting in Vikal's arrest on the same day.

Initially pleading not guilty, Vikal eventually admitted to the crime during the trial.

His lawyer expressed deep remorse on his behalf, stating, "I write this letter to express my deepest apology for the pain and suffering I have caused [the victim]. I understand my actions were wrong and may have a significant impact on her life. In the last six months, I have reflected deeply on my actions... Words can't undo the damage I have done, but I hope my apology can be the first step towards healing and forgiveness."

KEK. I'm sure if he looked something like this that bitch wouldn't report anything. Wahmen. Clownworld.
Many such cases.

1) 22-year-old WMAF hapa whore gatecrashes a Stanford University fraternity house party, seduces a drunk 19-year-old freshman while being drunk herself, then cries rape.
I remember her gay ass "victim impact statement" was shilled all over the (((media)))

2) 15-year-old cracker has consensual sex with an 18-year-old WASP chad then regrets it and cries rape + being underage

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