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TV & Music Cultural Overviews #2 - Home Alone is about the Anglo Saxons overcoming the Jews


Frightful but also quite delightful
Home Alone And the Jewish Connection... It was not preached to the crowd. It was not taught by the state. No man spoke it aloud. When the Saxon began to hate...
  • Rudyard Kipling
Home Alone is about the struggle of the noble Saxon against the Semitic invasion of his native lands. The story of "Home Alone" can be summed up like this:Kevin, a tow headed white boy is left behind by his negligent family. Stuck in his ancestral home, he finds himself confronted with two Jewish burglars (one of whom is played by Joe Pesci who is Jewish, and Daniel Stern who is also Jewish). He successfully fends them off using all kinds of shenanigans. An old white man with a baseball bat acts in an assisting role herein by hitting the burglars over the head. However, there is more to "Home Alone" than meets the eye.

  1. Kevin clearly represents the Archetypal Aryan. The abandonment by his family is symbolic for how the other Europeans left the Saxon behind to fend for himself against an overwhelming Semitic threat.
  2. Evidence for this can easily be seen by looking at the characters themselves.
Just look at the noses in this picture:


Or here, the famous zipline scene which reminds us of this represents of the true Aryans escaping to west Germany from the Jewish controlled eastern block.

Even more curious, in one shot we can see what seems to resemble a German "Stahlhelm" - the very recognizable helmet of the Germany forces during the great wars.


3. Another layer to the message can be found in the symbology of the narrative.

Kevin defends his "house" against the two obviously Jewish invaders. Now, a quick history lesson.The idea of nation states is a fairly recent one. In the ancient world, a kings kingdom was called his "house" and he was the head of said house. In the bible for instance, King David presides over his "house," not kingdom. This means that the house Kevin is defending is his "kingdom." He is fulfilling his Saxon duty to keep the realm allotted to him safe.

4. Finally, in the end an old Man who saved Kevin in a critical moment earlier, reunites with his family. This shows the going back to the Anglo origins. Everything is returned to as it should be.

Home alone is essentially summed up as the Anglos stopping the Jews and reuniting under a communal spirit.
The problem with this notion is that Kevin's family weren't Anglo, at least in the paternal side as they had a Celtic Scottish surname McCallister. Also the actor Macaulay Culkin is from an Irish and Scandinavian ancestry. Kevin's mother's actress was also from an Irish ancestry. They were from the Anglo-sphere but not necessarily Anglo ancestry.