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TV & Music Cultural Overviews #1 - Spiderman was about fighting the Jews


Frightful but also quite delightful
New York where its set has a huge population of Jews. Spiderman is about a vigilante upstart who has freshly acquired superpowers from a ramshackle jew experiment spider. The spider hoe bit him. This creates a sort of antagonism between the Saxon warrior Peter Parker and his Semitic antagonists, all of whom strive to reach the heights of Aryan glory. They do this by seeking to transmute their DNA and escape their Jewish incest prison heritage. Not for nothing does the Jew call what he values the most, "the shekel" for he is shackled by his inbred genetics. Peter, the unlikely profiteer of such otherwise unkosher enterprise, becomes a living embodiment of Murphy's law for the jews. In their futile attempt to suplant the goyim they inadvertantly have created the aryan slayer Peter Parker who will now forever crush their plans. Almost every villian Peter fights bears all the marks of the jew. They are either rich, high IQ or turn into goblins.Lest we forget, the creator of Spiderman was Stan Lee, a jew. He subconsciously projected his nightmares of the aryan super-hybrid into the figure of Peter Parker when creating him.
Almost every villian Peter fights bears all the marks of the jew.
>that nose

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Yes they used a Jewish actor with the Amazing Spiderman because they wanted to change the dynamic or something, similar to how they replace Spartacus with a black guy or something. The fact that they went to such lengths kind of proves that they know.