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Credit card company increased my limit

I see Neetgod talking about his credit card on which reminded me of mine. I had a limit of £1050 and they increased it to £2000 because of how "well I was managing my account". On another account I have they always tell me how well I've managed the account over the past 5 years with only missing 2 payments. The call centre workers are always South African women. If I have managed it so well then why have you blocked it and made me go on a persistent debt repayment plan? I had over £900 debt on that card but it is reduced to £520 now because of that payment plan I set up over a year ago.

That leads me onto my next point, there is nothing to fear with credit cards when you are a NEET who owns nothing. As Neetgod said he bought a mattress and only made one of the payments. If you are in debt for years they just pester you to go on a persistent debt payment plan which has a reduced interest rate.

I think I will spend a couple of hundred more on this new card. However I don't want to spend too much incase I get cut off welfare bux and need to use it for an emergency for a few months.
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