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Countersemitic hobbies and entertainment for gentiles


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The vast majority of audio-visual entertainment is made by kikes for goyishe kopf consumption, or have the kikes' kosher stamp of approval. Spending time on Judeo-Semitic mass entertainment could be productive in one way only, that is, for researching and uncovering the full extent of Jewish deceit and depravity. National Vanguard recently published three articles explaining in exhaustive detail how one might spot kike propaganda concealed in (((mainstream media))) that consolidate everything I've wanted to say on the subject. "Professional media productions are very, very expensive - You may be sure that everything, including almost everything that seems to you a random and inconsequential detail, is carefully planned to have a certain emotional or psychological effect on you, the viewer..."
I learnt after reading Part 2 how one talmudvision show, Gilmore Girls, is even worse than what I pointed out previously.
I wrote in my "(((movies and tv shows)))" thread:
Gilmore Girls (6 seasons) was created by Jewess Amy Sherman-Palladino specifically as a vehicle for the Jewess actress that plays the Paris Geller character, and is bafflingly popular with white roasties when the whole thing is a Jewish mockery of the declining WASP ruling class. Some chick at my former workplace was always watching it during breaks so I looked it up out of curiosity. The very first episode shows Lorelai (single mom roastie) acting entitled as hell and treating townies poorly e.g. being extremely rude to her betabuxxer Luke the local cafe owner and sabotaging the wagie grocery cashier's time card. The show is also famous for its (((pop culture))) references that make zero sense but make its shabbos goy audience feel smart and simultaneously presents a kosherwashed version of American heritage
- In S1E1 Rory (who ended up as a slut and single mom like her mom Lorelai) flirts with Boyfriend #1 by mutual simpering over the movie Rosemary's Baby (by adulterer and rapist Jew Polanski) when they're 16 year olds and have no business watching an R-rated movie.
- In the same scene, Rory praises Moby Dick as a "really good" book when it was roundly rejected by 19th century readers when first published and owes its entire literary reputation to an artificial "Melville revival" by shabbos professors in akikedemia and a Hollywood movie.
- Across several episodes there's constant shilling of the [[[Kennedy]]] family by upper crust Anglo types (like Lorelai's parents) who in reality would utterly loathe these degenerate potato-nigger papists that did more than any other shabbos goyim to nigger-fy America. Edward [[[Kennedy]]] sponsored the 1965 Immigration Act and its diversity lottery visas program, which is directly responsible for the mass immigration of Somalis, Haitians and other Third World shitskins into America.
-Rory's "best friend" at her posh new school is an batshit insane Jewess (Paris Geller) who is openly derogatory towards Rory, and there is no logical explanation for Rory to continue socialising with this cunt although this is a perfect reflection of the entitled Jewish worldview that goys should take abuse from kikes and enjoy it.
-Interestingly, there is one politically incorrect humor where Rory bemoans having to "teach retarded children baseball" to impress (((Ivy League))) admissions officers - it must be an inside joke aimed at fellow kikes, (((they))) are probably cackling at goyim jumping through hoops to demonstrate their holistic worthiness to attend (formerly) prestigious schools founded by White Protestant Gentiles that've been throughly co-opted by kikes.
Turns out the show's creators were even more blatant with the Judeo messaging in the later seasons:
The scene with which we are concerned is from late in the show’s run; the once-teenage characters are now marrying, having children, and starting careers. The Gilmore daughter is meeting with a childhood friend in a bookstore aisle to discuss – of course – relationships and dating. The Gilmore daughter is researching sex advice while her friend seeks information on motherhood.

The books on motherhood which the Korean friend has chosen are strewn about her in disarray, while the Gilmore daughter’s selections are neatly stacked at her side; again, these details track with the overall message: The Korean girl is a perennial mid-wit, while the Gilmore daughter is a genius “bookworm.” The background is even more telling. Behind the Korean friend, the titles on the shelves cannot be made out; however, the characteristic black-and-yellow cover art of a “…For Dummies” title can be seen (the other books’ cover art is done in the sort of pastel hues one might expect in a collection on motherhood). This is the “aura” given to the character whose life path is marrying a White man, motherhood, and small-town life — hazy, unfocused, and “for dummies.” Behind the Gilmore daughter we see various leftist political tomes; though most are in and out of focus and hard to identify, what can be seen most clearly in one key shot is roughly a dozen volumes of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Quarterly Review. The “smart girl” in the picture thus has the “aura” of neat, crisp, intellectuality — defined as leftist political conformity with pride-of-place given to Jewish guidance on “Nazi-hunting.”

The reader can be forgiven for growing exasperated with such a long description of a few instants of visual framing. But the point is important: Every inch of what appeared on that screen – including the background – is intentional, and most of the “message” of the piece is being conveyed outside of the dialogue and actions in the script. More propaganda is inserted into a single visual moment than what is contained in all the words of all the characters for hours of screen time. The expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” is quite true — and a film contains 24 pictures every second.
If the scene is not coincidental, then the presence of intent must be our default assumption: Human actions were undertaken and the results are either part of the intention, or accidental; there is no middle ground.

So, consider the following:

  • The entire point of the scene is the two different subjects the characters are researching (sex and dating, versus matrimony and motherhood) and thus the books selected to appear in the background are, each and every one, chosen specifically to illustrate the director’s intent regarding those subjects.
  • Each book the characters have “selected” were in turn selected by set designers and directors involved in the episode, and were not only put there intentionally and specifically, but even their relative placement is the result of deliberate behind-the-scenes decisions.
  • In what world would matrimonial/parenting advice and “For Dummies” books be in the same aisle in a bookstore as The Simon Wiesenthal Center Quarterly Review, let alone directly across from each other? And what bookstore in Hell wastes scarce shelf space on the latter at all?
  • Even if it were a likely arrangement of these books, how by pure coincidence do we have books about traditional female subjects out of focus behind the failing character, and leftist dogma so neatly arranged and in focus behind the “smart” character?
The idea that these subtle messages were embedded by pure happenstance defies all reason. Far from being “mindless entertainment,” the scene described above is actually a carefully constructed barrage of anti-White propaganda in which every moment, and every pixel of screen space, is scrupulously curated and chosen for its educational effect.
George S. Brown

11 August, 2023 10:04 am
I just did a little research and discovered that the Simon Wiesenthal Center Quarterly Review does not exist. So, the show’s creators went far beyond mere placement of certain volumes in the bookstore set, they outright created a fake publication and went to the considerable trouble and expense of creating fake copies of it for just this one brief scene!

Alternative audio-visual entertainment:

Instead of staring at Jewtube, Kikestagram or ShitTok; or any controlled opposition spin-offs like Bitchute and Odysee, seek out media productions written, directed by and featuring Aryans, preferably on an Aryan subject matter. Films fulfilling this "triple A(ryan)" criteria are often given middling reviews and then the silent treatment by critics and other functionaries of the kike-controlled media apparatus, and are not available on legal streaming sites and difficult to obtain in physical copy. Fortunately you can find them on Russian streaming sites.

An example of a triple-A movie would be The Cider House Rules (1999), adapted from a book written by an Anglo, directed by a non-kike Norwegian and starring non-kike actors in the main roles (such as South African Charlize Theron). Filmed in beautiful rural New England, it caused some liberal pearl-clutching back when it was released, over its based portrayal of black characters, but has since been forgotten.

When it comes to factual audio-visual entertainment, the "triple A" criteria can be relaxed. Documentaries about Jewish predators like (((Bernard Madoff))), Jeffrey (((Epstein))), Mossad, Wall Street and other kike monopolies like the JEWelry industry (including the de Beers-controlled diamond trade) are inherently countersemitic, watching them is enlightening even if they were made by a kosher globohomo company like Netflix.
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So instead of getting movies like "The Cider House Rules" about life and meaning and whatnot, TV and the big screen is full of people punching and kicking and doing other mindless shit. Nice!

The brilliance of it is that most people don't even see it as a conspiracy. It's just giving the market what it demands, creating what sells. "Liberalism"

Although maybe I like liberalism. I like freedom, don't I? What other kind of society would let me rot like this? It's great, I'm an agoraphobic who barely leaves the house. Liberalism ftw

Actually I fear autocracy, that's much worse for me.
The brilliance of it is that most people don't even see it as a conspiracy. It's just giving the market what it demands, creating what sells.
Except the market isn't governed by indifferent universal "laws" of supply and demand, but by men. Market actors who create demand for goods and services are people made of flesh and blood. Breed more niggers and the demand for grape drank/gorilla glue/rapper bling goes up, import chinks into a country and the domestic demand for chopsticks goes up, etc. Breed more low IQ boomers and zoomers and you'll have the perfect class of impressionable consoomer cattle who can't judge the value of an object for themselves and go along with what Jew critics say, allowing Jews to manipulate demand at will.
It's best to stay away from any goyim slop Hollywood pukes out. Not just for the reasons you stated but it's low quality entertainment meant to not make you think at all. There are exceptions like There Will Be Blood or 12 Angry Men, but those are very rare.

I'll check out that movie you mentioned. It sounds based.