Can someone explain to me why soyboys love Japan?

King Z

Feb 3, 2024
Genuinely curious. The country stands for everything a nu-male hates yet they worship it. Misogynist? Check. Anti-immigrant? Check. Fatphobic? Check. So WHY do they bend backwards to defend this country on social media? I can't comprehend it.
Cause they do not apreciate Traditional-Western Culture and in fact hate it cuz soyboys love getting vestectomys and then watching tyrone fuck his wife and in result cucking him and making him less of a man and he feels less bad about of "muh white guilt" and to be a fag and supporting BLM, Anyways they love to jerk-off to "Eastern Culture" and Asian Cultures so they can runaway from the truth there a white man and that they have failed true White-Culture its like Porn for them they can fantasize about about a clean good culture but they in reality dont have a clean traditional culture cause they are cucks and dont want to be a true nor have nor have part in a true European-White culture.
King Z
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