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Ropefuel Brutal JBW pill: black islamic ho caught eyefucking a white republican congressman


5'2" ugliest currycel, freak of nature
Jul 13, 2023
You can't make this shit up, jfl.

She already has a white husband, but she needs more.


Lmao, fucking typical. I live in LA county and 90 % of the filipinas, latinas, and indian girls i see are with white or white-passing men, many who dont even have good faces theyre just taller and have the white pheno and that puts them above average in ethnic communities JFL.

It's funny because these same girls are the types to make their ethnic culture a big part of their identity/personality. They will have some spic or dunecoon country flag in their social media bios but then use filters to brighten their shitskin or give them lighter eyes or dye their hair to be fair. SO much for POC pride! lmao.

White genetics are zenith and will never not be. Just how it is.
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