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Being raped is the worst thing you can experience


Jun 12, 2023
Being raped is as close to being murdered or tortured as it gets. Being physically forced into the most private and intimate act, reserved solely for the person you're in love with, by someone you don't even want touching you is unimaginably humiliating and degrading, and damages you beyond belief. You lose your ability to trust anyone, and it's severely limits your ability to openly feel love for other humans, sometimes for life. It forces you to see monsters in the faces of all men, even if you don't want to. It's closely akin to murder because it does kill a part of you that you can never resurrect.
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i saw a homeless guy get raped while he was passed out. being circumcucked is worse. rape isnt that bad its just a dick in you for a few seconds.
fucking whores complain about every little thing they just want to be warm holes for any random chad/tyrone and just get rid of or enslave incel tier guys
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