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Bees are the yellow kikes of the insect species


kill niggers with bricks
Jun 21, 2023
While i was trying to enjoy my lunch outside yesterday, one of these piss colored fucks started buzzing near my ears which made me stand up and move away. It continued to follow me wherever i went to the point where i ended up throwing my half eaten sandwich down out of rage and sped into the inside of the building where i attend my business school (that topic will be for another thread). I'm pretty sure that fucker ended up managing to get inside and it took me until i hid out in the bathroom for the buzzing to go away.
This incident made me realize that bees are eerily similar to chinks and kikes in many ways, with that being:
>they are yellow like chinks
>they dislike being swatted at and will sting at you if you do so, yet love to buzz around you and harass you until you snap (they cry out in pain as they strike you)
>they slave away 24/7 for their queen bee, not only reminiscent of how kikes put females on a pedestal, but how chinks are slaves for daddy xi and spend all their free time working for him
>the only contribution they have made to society is creating goyslop which kikes have produced mass quantities of to keep the goyim under control
At least we have Bee Removal services to deal with these little fucks, but too bad the same can't be said for kikes and chinks.
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