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Anime & Manga Been thinking of watching the 4cuck show.


Sep 9, 2023

LoliconGODS stay winning.
Haven't watched it yet but it's always funny to see people say that shows like these were ahead of their time when the issues that it touched upon were already widespread in Japan. Mutts are only just beginning to experience the Hikikomori lifestyle and isolation that a good chunk of japs have been living through since the early 90's which is why they think it was """ahead of it's time""".
anime has no narrative structure or sense whatsoever, it was overly glorified because the creator was the same of Digimon Tamers : most of its fanbase are the vast majority of lain's fanbase
I thought this was the Reddit show just based off the amount of troons that claim Lain is an allegory for transitioning.
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