Based Gentlemen Thread


Sep 9, 2023
Title. I'll only post three for now, as I don't want to use up all of the based gentlemen that you guys might post.
rip ted. they mk ultrad him. may his memory be a blessing. may the lord avenge his blood. soyciety will pay the ultimate price for what they did to him. he is an important reminder as to why you should never trust your family. his own brother betrayed him. fuck families.
It's sad really. He could've lived a great life if his rat brother truly loved him.
Damn nigga, seems like the basedness is too much for google to handle, as "search google for image" won't work. Can I have some names please?
Alfred Rosenberg
George Lincoln Rockwell
William Luther Pierce
David Irving
Udo Walendy
Ernst Zündel

The last 2 guys are like David Irving but less famous, no Hollywood movie about their trials for thought crimes.
Possibly only other somewhat based jew?



@Karenin, you know way more jews than me. Know any more than the two i've posted so far?
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I would argue that Oswald Mosley has the best "look" out of any political figure of all time. Even Jefferson Davis, Lenin, and Hitler can't match him.
He is a fictional character, but the villain of this movie is so based that I can't not put him in here:
Jews can literally say anything they want, because goyim are too stupid or full of cope to accept it. Elon is literally joking about how jews own the media. How much will it take for people to see the truth.
jews pilled goyim into discarding any statement about jewish world control as a bad discussion that will lead into rsnting about how we need to kill all niggers spics faggots and schlomos, thats why saying statements like that will always lead to goyim calling you a nazi and not replying

Pisses me off how leftists smear Enoch Powell's good name by misinterpreting the "Rivers of Blood" speech in order to falsely call him a racist.
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