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Average Joe to Expert Chud Star: A Beginner’s Guide


Jun 21, 2023
Found these articles on the e-web. Thought you might enjoy.

From Average Joe to Expert Chud: A Beginner’s Guide

Censorship and Exodus: The Chuds’ Abandonment of Agora Road

Nagolbud and the Chuds Join Forces to Take on Censorship and Oppression

Looks like someone spammed them all over. Medium Wattpad


Need them Chud keywords on the search.
Oh... oh my Fauci.

The articles might be chatGPT created but look at this pristine gem.

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I don't use Chat GPT but IT IS 99% AI. I have to guide it a bit more to write things that I want it too. The more you post about a certain topic the more the AI can build a story. That image as well is AI. Found a pretty dope one that merges images hahahaha which makes for some funny ass pics.

Google is rolling out their new AI search. It appears like 5% of the time, but once it's fully rolled out things like this will help boost certain keywords for the sites. Same should apply for the Chuds. It pulls normie search history and plugs in those snippets which boosts your website. I think backlinks will become less relevant compared to author authority.


AI is hilarious and super easy to manipulate.
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