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Asteroid City movie review


Dark Chudcel
Oct 26, 2023
Just watched Asteroid City, Wes Anderson's sort of new film. Came out earlier this year.

I liked the Grand Budapest Hotel. This movie was a let down. It had very weak characters and storyline, and insisted on its own Andersonian cinematography too much. I only liked the alien scenes because it reminded me of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

None of the characters were very interesting and Wes was clearly trying to make them sort of stiff so there would be more focus on the shots and on the fact that it was a "meta" movie -- a movie (or I think a play in this case) in a movie. Hollywood is increasingly obsessed with Movie Movies, especially the more prestigious directors. First it was Tarantino and his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the it was Spielberg and his quasi-autobiography The Fabelmann's (A movie which deserves a conversation in its own right. It's a brilliant example of Jewish resentment and neuroticism in action), and now this.

The cinematography was not bad but it was not able to make up for the other lackluster qualities, especially with the casting decisions. First of all, I found the constant use of famous actors obnoxious. Secondly, I did not appreciate his casting of ugly dorky looking kids as the brainiacs. It's not true to reality, and it's just not pleasant to look at either. Albeit, I understand that we are seeing a decline in young attractive people going anywhere near the film industry. It's all dorky band kids.

Furthermore, Anderson seems to have gone out of his way to pick racially ambiguous kids, so that he could still cast famous white actors as their parents, but also get the brownie points for having a diverse-looking cast. This is not something which fits the environment of the 1950s American West whatsoever. The only character I liked was the guy who plays Ray Donovan, and the Cowboy man.

Other than this, at least there's nothing particularly woke about the movie. Really the least I could ask for, but in this day and age beggars can't be choosers.

I give it, 4/10
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