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Asian women and white cockru


卐 Nazi sympathizer
Expanded version of my reply to @Caesarcel re his question "Why are East Asian foids so self-hating?" on .net

White-worshipping by East Asian cunts is a relatively recent phenomenon, the product of globoshlomo schemes by the usual suspects who manipulate mass media to sustain a perpetual slave class of goy cattle. Chinkesses did not idolise white cock during the Century of Humiliation when Europeans were openly outperforming Chinks in all matters cultural, economic, military and basically every other metric imaginable, even though they would have had entirely rational grounds for doing so. Rich chinkess stacies who studied abroad in Europe and America, like then painter Georgette Chen (nee Zhang Liying), Madame Wellington Koo and the Soong sisters, went back to China after completing school and married high status chinks.

Globoshlomo openly promote White Male Asian Female race-mixing here in Asia using the kikepitalist corporations they control as mouthpieces to pay for ads featuring WMAF couples, so the kikes can hide behind "muh free market" kikeconomics sophistry when the socially conservative folks here are predictably outraged, arguing along the lines of "um sweaty if WMAF representation wasn't profitable and appealing to most consumers, companies wouldn't have spent so much money paying for the ad!". (When it's no secret that kikepitalists declare negative profits to evade taxes and exploit other arcane tax law loopholes only they and their accountants have detailed knowledge of.) They've gotten particular brazen with the WMAF propaganda only in the past 5 years, I used to watch TV and flick through print newspapers all the time c. 2008-2014 and can attest that ads and commercials always used either AMAF couples or just Whites. Case in point: there was a commercial for Ferrero Rocher chocolates featuring a pair of chinkess and shitalian race traitors was launched for 2020's Chinese New Year season, and irked enough chinks that they searched up the official youtube channel to mass "Dislike" the video and flooded the comments section with my kind of rants before the comments section was closed down.

You would think the company learned their lesson about "offending Asian cultural sensibilities" or whatever, but no, they re-aired the 2020 commercial for 2021 Chinese New Year, this time making sure to disable comments from the get-go, and in 2022 made an even more heavy-handed romance-themed commercial featuring the same WMAF couple. Both videos got about 40x more "Dislike"s than thumbs up, and Jewtube probably removed the Dislikes count on video to prevent a repeat of this situation where hundreds of outraged goys collectively downvote globoshlomo garbage.

I said I watched a lot of broadcast tv circa 2008-2014, so I distinctly remember the longstanding Ferrero Rocher chocolates commercial that aired during those years was a short simple feel-good story of an Italian chef making chocolates out of love for his (White) daughter and family, not this mutt dating and romance shit.

As for /pol/ memes like

The guy on the right should be a Happy Merchant for this meme to be accurate, Chinkesses rarely marry non-Chinese aka gweilos but those who do tend to marry Ashkenazi Jews (not nagoybud's beloved ancient """real Jews""") because the stereotype in China is that Juden are very rich and clever, and chinkesses are materialistic status-chasing normies that love money and edjewcation above all else.

1) Zuckerberg married his Harvard classmate Priscilla Chan

2) "Tiger Mom" Amy Chua married her Yale Law School classmate, some Jew named Rubenfeld.

3) Wendi Deng 邓文迪 is notorious in China for greencardmaxing and golddigging off stupid wealthy white men, including hardcore Zionist and possible crypto-kike Ruoert Murdoch, whom she married and then cucked in his own mansion with shabbos goy Tony Blair.
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Note: Literal embodiment of the noodlewhore meme

4) Katherine Chan 陈颂廉 (Hong Kong chink heiress) married kike Joshua Lauder, who's heir to the (((Estee Lauder))) cosmetics company fortune.
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5) Eduardo Saverin, Brazillian kike who got out-Jewed by Zuckerberg, married a SEA chinkess from Singapore.

6) Facialabuse meme Mayli Wang's mom is a chink Wall Street trader who married a Jewish investment banker Kevin Baltasar whose mother is a Jewess named (((Masterson)))
130305 museum opening eolivio 011

7) Zhang Ziyi 章子怡, has-been Chinese actress who fell out of favour for always playing Orientalist tropes like in Memoirs of a Geisha, got pumped and dumped by an Israeli billionaire Nevo Vivi.

8) Yan Gu 谷燕, the mother of Eileen Gu 谷爱凌 (a half-breed whore who was in the news for clowning America by skiing for China during the 2022 Winter Olympics) is rumoured to have basted her nearly menopausal cunt with cum from a Jewish lawyer named (((Melcher))) to create little half-Jewess Eileen. Or she might have gotten an anonymous sperm sample from a sperm bank. Chink tabloids create ragebait by painting the fact of her single motherhood as some great adversity, when this hag is a rich (((Wall Street))) trader who consciously chose the single mother lifestyle. She apparently broke up with (((Melcher))) and was cockriding another kike, a Jewgle executive Ray (((Sidney))) during Eileen Gu's toddler years.

I've seen gooks (Koreans) go for Aryan cock but they might be motivated by greencardmaxxing like pinoys or moneymaxxing through pimping their hapa kids as K-idols (like Ella Gross). The gookess mom looks uncanny because of her contact lenses and triple eyelids, one set of creases being cut from sugery and which sagged over time.
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Japs famously dislike gaijin, Kalergi plan guy's mom was an exception and was permanently disowned by her Jap family for marrying eurotrash.

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This is a chud forum, not an incel hate forum
I'm not hating on asian women I'm defending them against incels who think they're all noodlewhores for white cock :chud:

(Part 2/2 of OP)
Top-tier chink and japanese qts marry rich and successful Asian men. Even if they grew up in a majority White country like Sophia Kao Qi (naturalised Austrian citizen), they come back to Asia and marry Chang and make Asian babies

1) Zhang Zetian (internet celebrity) married e-commerce billionaire Liu Qiangdong when she was 21 and fresh out of college. She got herself knocked up before graduation.

2) Ming Xi, supermodel, married Mario Ho, heir to a casino fortune, though he's only 11/16th Han Chinese, being 5/16ths gweilo including 1/16th kike. His father Stanley Ho, real patrilineal name (((Bosman))), is a nasty piece of work.

3) Yang Mi, top PRC Chinese actress, married Hong Kong Chinese actor and singer Hawick Lau
Yang Mi Hawick Lau Divorce

4) Sophia Kao Qi, Chinese supermodel eho grew up in Austria, married a famous Hong Kong Chinese actor and producer Simon Yam
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5) A Japanese example: Naoko Nemoto 根本 七保子 married Indonesian President Sukarno

She's a purebred Jap despite looking Eurasian, a phenotype that's rare but not unheard of in Japan (and China too, you can see them in beauty pageants)

6) Another Japanese example: Masako Owada, who married the Prince Consort to the Japanese throne instead of some WASP chad at Harvard.

also brutal heightpill:

Normal chinks practise homophily and homogamy, actresses tend to marry actors/guys in show business, businessmen marry businesswomen, engineers marry engineers, Party members marry other Party members or the daughters of Party members.

Asian women who go for whiteys are bottom-of-the-barrel types whose main motivation is gold-digging or a ticket out of their country. I don't think these foids will marry whitey if it entailed having to stay in their own country and carrying on at the same standard of living as before.


>They now live in Dave's native country - America

Asian-Americans are more susceptible to race-mixing propaganda than Asians in Asia but the majority of AAPI foids also don't marry outside their own ethnicity, only 2 groups, Japanese-American females and Filipinas, marry a higher proportion of white cockru than their own men. I expected more from the Japs but I guess they took the honorary Aryan thing seriously and completely assimilated into Whitd American culture, they've been in the USA longer than other Asian groups too so more exposure to pro-miscegenation brainwashing.
Note: Left chart, "Other Asians" refer to other Asian ethnicities besides own. The right chart is a chart I found on /pol/ breaking down the outbreeding rates between different Asian-American populations, using the same dataset as Pew Research.

Comparing the outmarriage rate between US-born Asian foids and foreign-born Asian females and the sharp uptick after 1990, one wonders how many of those Asian-White marriages are mere greencard marriages of convenience rather than evidence of lust for white cock.
Jfl what a copemaxxxer thread. As a brown nigga with no genetic relation to either (((yt people))) or gooks, I happen to take the matter of WMAF relationships very seriously and spend most of my waking hours collecting footage of these two groups of people having lots of hot and steamy sex.

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There was a chinkwhorw who posted a picture of herself holding a poster that said, "white clocks only"

Asian Women have a weird fetish for white men. They desire sex and Intimacy with nobody except

However, why would you want a golddigger who's only looking into your finances to start with?

I've been dating a great girl recently who's independent and feminist equality and completely insists on 50-50 whenever possible and gets upset when I pay for everything. She's a keeper for me.