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An introduction, by TuxedoMask

Hello members of,

I've decided to post in this forum after lurking for some time. Originally I was a proud member of .is until I was promptly banned for having a sexual encounter with a girl I was dating.

This was all a few years ago and I fully respect the admin's decision to ban me. Sadly, I am no longer in an intimate relationship with that girl, and since then I've embraced the path of MGTOW, so to speak. Are their any other members here in a similar situation as me?

As for my NEET life, let's just say I'm a lukewarm follower. I do the occasional odd job here and there. I may go into more detail when I get to know you all better (If I bother to stay that long). I tend to jump between forums like a gnat chasing the next hairy beast.

I hope we can all get along, and may the light of the moon guide your path. Cheers my good men.
I remember incelkingkong having an account here, but not anymore. @Weebhunter3000 did he request self-deletion? Or did you ban a fellow kill la kill cel :fuckingshit:
He requested an account deletion.
He got back to his mistress