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Amnesia: The chud dungeon


The man wakes up in a dark abyss, and as his eyes adjust to the penetrating darkness, he gazes around the room and lays eyes on a passport, by the bedside.

Name: Kevin Joseph Logan
Date of birth: 01/04/2011
Country of birth: Taiwan
Gender at birth: Male
Current gender: Female
Pronouns: Xe/Xim
Sexuality: Zoophilic

The man reads this passport in disgust.

The man: ''What a freak, who's fucking passport is this?''

The man infers that he is being held hostage, and that his captor is this freak of nature described on this passport, belonging to the kidnapper.

As the man looks around the room, his suspicion of being kidnapped is only further confirmed as he sees bondage equipment, dildos, and furry porn magazines around the place.

The man: ''Yee haw I need to get oughta here bucko!''

The man is handcuffed, but after jerking off and enjoying his fantasy, he uses the cum as a lubricant and slides his tiny wrists through the cuffs, but has he leaves the room and shuts the door behind him, he realises he is now stuck!, how odd.

He turns around and sees that a clip-on tail he is wearing is stuck on the door, but as he takes off the tail, he catches a look in the mirror at the other end of the room, and to his horror, he sees he is decked out in cat ear hairband and whiskers!

The man: what has this sick fuck done to me!?

The man finds a picture book of the kidnapper and starts to look through it.

The man: ''Ayoo ha ha, this will show me his true identity''

The man looks through the book, and to his horror, he sees only his face, (when it wasn't covered by a furr mask).

The back of the book reads ''Kevin Joseph Logan''

With a pale and emotionless, stone cold expression, the man looks in the mirror once again, and sees his reflection, his true reflection :kevin:

Was ''The man'', Kevin?

Was he a slave to his fetishes and villainy?

(Remember, troons and furries, will always be their own captors, and will remain prisoners in their demented, warped, sexually perverted heads)