AI Will Never Happen, The Singularity Will Never Happen, Transhumanists are Retards.


First off, what we call "AI" as of right now isn't actually AI. It isn't even pseudo-AI. Second off, the operation of ChatGPT is extremely expensive(&700,000 a day), which as I said earlier isn't even a pseudo-AI. Imagine just how many times more expensive running an actual AI will be. Third, human innovation has been noticeably going down since world war II. Expect it to completely hit a speedbump soon. The west is entering a competency crisis. And fourth, the (((elites))) are directly contributing and exacerbating said competency crisis through things like affirmative action, diversity quotas, and other anti-meritocratic practices. In other words, don't expect any possibility of actual AI until long after the US collapses, and a new reborn country takes its place.
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When the best "nothing ever happens" arguments against something start to converge with "societal collapse is inevitable/imminent" you should consider that something might actually happen.

Good point with the AI cost effectiveness. But AI doesn't need to be cost effective, for the same reason silicon valley corporations don't always need to turn a profit to survive for ages. Fresh federal cash will slip from the banks to venture capital to the hands of politically or industrially convenient enterprises. They can keep the "try to replace all the office workers for some reason" project going until America loses its tax base if they want to. A billion dollars is a small sum to the largest command economy on the planet.

The explicit plan OpenAI had was to test the feasibility of the market, get people using their APIs for business so they can raise the prices later. Judging by their model sucking more, they also tried to cut corners. We'll see how this goes for them.

It would be very lazy-convenient if AI were impossible. It is very motivation-convenient for me that it is, because it means I only have a few years to win a race where the prize is the world.
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