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Serious A poem


What is pleasure to one, is pain to another.
The tears you weep, cannot be there with you when you sleep.

Stop wishing for death and for things that will never come,

labor for it or your day is done, people are not likable is man’s common flaw.

Life is a created hell which leaves us sad at dawn,

Life is unbearable because of one another,

So stop blaming others first before yourself,

Bleed yourself before everyone else.

Bleed others with truth, care not for their half-truths.

All that matters in this life is learning to evolve and move with nature.

As seasons come and seasons go, let go of the things you held dear.

People who are kind, deserve a happy, loving life,

Evil people deserve to have their heads bashed in,

Life would be better without them.

So get rid of them and make the earth the true and honest place of your birth,

Break your bones to achieve greatness or die in mediocrity and silence of the dead.

Let go of what you fear and hold virtue to your bosom dear.

Kill your petty fears, eradicate contradiction which you hold near.

Let the people of the past go, they died a long time ago.

Hate, hate, hate.

Feel what you feel,

Cry as you do.

Remember death is always before you.

No power on this earth can save you from you day of birth,

Or carry you in soft clouds when you die.

Time is neither spent in fear nor live in nigh.
I have no hope cause I am short

AR 15 is my last resort

I hate foids I will ER

My score will be 5 star